He gave her red roses To show the love in his heart. She was the beauty who had Enchanted him from the very start. He always brought a single red rose Each time they went on a date. Down deep in her heart she knew He was the one that would be her mate. On their wedding day many red roses Filled the quaint little church. Where their friends and family gathered In that small chapel among the birch. He was the one she could count on When things in life went bad. Somehow it was him who could always Cheer her up when times were sad. He had held her tight in his strong arms That night when their baby died. He was the one who had to be strong Even though deep in his heart he too cried. Two years later their dream to be parents Would be fulfilled as again she gave birth. He overflowed her room with red roses As their life was filled with mirth. So many years have come and gone, As their love has grown stronger with time. And he still gives her those beautiful red roses Since their love shall forever be sublime. ©M. Doris Fuller Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail