Angels With Harp

A Tribute To Rachel

For Rachel Lesher She walked in beauty every day, because she was, in every way, beautiful! She had a tender heart for all. She loved all creatures great and small. Don't know why she had to go that day, just that she's sorely missed! We long to see that face again, which angels now have kissed. Someday with all her loved ones, she will rejoice and sing, and that will be forevermore, death will have lost it's sting! Jesus died to save us, we are not our own. He saved us for the Father, who now has called her home. We thank Him for the life she lived, and how she blessed so many. We'd ask Him to send more like her, but we know there aren't any! She was an earth angel, just for the while, Someday , once again, we'll all see her smile. She's happy in Heaven, it's we who are sad, If she had her way, we would never feel bad. As a tribute to her, let's get on with living, and live it like she did, with kindness and giving. ©Geraldine Petrone Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail bullet

Rachel was 23 years old and died in a fiery car crash on her way to classes in 2006. She worked at Target™ part time, babysat, studied and volunteered at the animal shelter. She loved animals and children.

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