Thank you for the song in the night, with words my heart can hold. My spirit lifts within me, as your mighty arms enfold. If I forget when I've arisen, of your precious love and care, as I fall asleep your angel choir, reminds me that you're there. As the winds will always blow, and the rain will always fall, my fortress will exist on High, in the greatest One of all. My port in times of trouble, my peace in times of stress, the only one who gave His all, to all whom Him confess. The Master of the universe, who rules and always will. He Gives His presence day and night, to teach us to be still. And to remember He is God, who sits upon the throne, and no matter how it seems sometimes, we never are alone. Geraldine Petrone ©2004 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail akaHeart4Lord share

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