There is a path that leads to nowhere in a valley that I know; it reverses and transverses in a never ending flow. There are no corners in the pathway, naught but softly rounded turns, briefest glimpses of light from a source that dimly burns. There is silence in the pathway, no laugh, no song, no tears, naught but flashes of a memory that persists thru' out the years. Of numbers, there are not of past life, long forgot no love, no life, no fears. There are voices in the pathway now that softly pleading yearn. "Return to me," pleads slipping life, "Til' light no longer burns." "Come to me," calls Gabriel, "in Eternal rest you'll sleep In God's eternal valley Come, Warrior, guard my sheep." © Betty C. Daniels August 31, 2009 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

This poem is dedicated to my dear husband, who passed away on August 18, 2009, after a lengthy illness.

~ Betty ~

John & Betty Daniels

John & Betty Daniels

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