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The leaves turning a beautiful shade The wonder of wonders are now displayed In His love and wisdom the Lord thinks it's best The time of the year when the trees need to rest The farmers are working hard in the fields Gathering and storing God given yields Preparing for winter and its wind and snow Storing up food so His family will know Mother in the kitchen preserving the food The way that she does that always is good Seeing that her family will be well fed Gathering up quilts to put on the beds Daddy out spending days chopping wood To heat our home and sharing with neighborhood Hanging the hams and the bacon to cure He knew well how to do that for sure After the work is finished and early to bed Mother making sure our prayers were said Then tucking us in to be snug and warm This describes autumn when you live on a farm These are the memories I will carry forever I don't plan to forget them, no not ever They are a part of me and always will be I cherish them for they are part of me Jack Young © September 23, 2012 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail share




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