Just my name upon this stone Deep enough for fingers to trace In hope that I won't be forgotten "I was here!" Here at this place Though I wasn't here long Nor did I make the front page But I pray I have made a difference Without the spotlights and the stage It may have been a smile A hug after a long hard day Or a simple "How ya doin'?" As a stranger passed my way A wink could have done it While a joke was being told So may simple things To make you warmer when it's cold Please take some time in reflection Upon the little things we do To make this world a better place And keep the Good Word true My time here my dear friend was altogether too brief But, I hope that I have shown That there was a lot more to me Than just my name upon this stone ©G. Barry August 21, 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail


Artwork: Courtesy of Broderbund