Examples of faith are found in the Bible These named sources we know are reliable Faith allowed Peter to walk on water The prodigal son to return to his father A prayer of faith can still move mountains Blessings still flow like water from fountains Can overcome that powerful drug addiction Can lead you out of your sad condition Faith can cause a miracle to take place Help you overcome the problems you face Dry up the tears that fall from your eyes Give reasons for living, not wanting to die Faith can change a person's thoughts Give them courage to correct their faults Help them identify just who they are Save their soul from a burning fire Faith expects to receive a favorable nod So why do we worry after talking to God? Prayer without faith is like talking to a wall Who will hear you whenever you call? Faith in God is an absolute must Faith reveals who we really trust Faith is visible and easy to see Proven everyday through you and me Charles "Monk" Sanders ©Phelps, KY - December 23, 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail share

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