Father I'm trusting in Your Care You've promised to always be there To see me through the darkest days And keep me covered night and day I depend on You to be my Hiding Place To ever show me Your Sweet Grace You are my Life and my Strength The Breadth of it and the Length Your Mercy is without depth or height I seek Your Face as my Guiding Light Through Your Word I see Your Ways And desire to follow You all of my days I turn from You now and then But You're always close to draw me back in In the Gentlest and most Merciful of ways Asking only Your Love I should portray It's Your Protection that I need And for that I ever plead Ease me back onto that narrow road And Lord please carry this heavy load I'm so weak but You're so Strong You can carry me all the day long So once again I ask of You To hide me and to forgive me too ©Melva August 11, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved by Author Website Please share this page.

Margi Harrell

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