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This must be my lucky day,... The sun came out and the clouds went away. I got up this morning with a smile on my face, I know Iím ready to face lifeís rat race. With a roof over my head, a dollar in my pocket. There is a picture of my family in my locket. My heartís full of love for all my friends, With my best wishes for a good day I do extend. Iím going to pet a black cat and walk under a ladder, This is my lucky day, whatever I do just wonít matter. I have a guardian angel who always watches over me, So Iím not going to worry, what will be will be. So with a rainbow in the sky, my angel on my shoulder, Iím going to embrace life, be thankful Iím getting older. God has blessed me with so much luck on this day, Now I must thank Him for my life in so many ways. M. Doris Fuller © 2014 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail share

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