Check their character before you begin Their future plans and where they've been Making sure they have nothing to hide Rough roads are not an enjoyable ride Divorce is painful and causes hate No room for error in choosing your mate 'Till death do you part," doth say the Lord Trouble and sorrow you can't afford Life will be fun if your choice is right There won't be a reason to fuss or fight Words of kindness will go a long way And should be expressed everyday Words, "I love you" is only a start Genuine love comes from the heart Just living together love is not real Wedding vows is what seals the deal Allow each other space to move about Trusting each other having no doubts Love will be forever and never leave If both are honest and never deceive As you get older your love will grow By learning to say, "yes" and not just "no" Bodies will change but love never will Age cannot change the love you feel (Written for my Grandchildren) Charles "Monk" Sanders ©Phelps, KY - January 14, 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail share

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