My heart is sad and alone Longing to belong. There is an emptiness in me And I don't know why it should be. Though alone or in a crowd I seem out of place Never seeming to belong Either alone or in a throng. A wish I send on its way That peace enter my heart this day To give some relief From my constant grief. My love was the center of my world And joy made my life complete Full and serene in every way But the hand of death reached out Taking him away. Life changed and will never be the same. I struggle on alone Never seeming to belong For a part of me is forever gone. God, please fill my heart with your peace And let the loneliness cease. It did when I came to realize I am never truly alone for God's love surrounds And I am precious in His eyes. ©Jane Ward Smith July 19, 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

Who Broke Your Heart?
Sequenced by Maury Baggett
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