My life was lived in darkness I knew not where to go Then I remembered I had someone I had heard of long ago Back then this meant nothing And did not pertain to me I spent my life completely lost I was blind and could not see I thought I had the answers But was I ever wrong I needed someone to guide me Some one true and strong I looked up to Heaven And said Lord, I'm ready now For you to turn my life around And set me straight somehow Just like always he was listening And waiting for my call His hand reached down and touched me He became my all in all I realize I'm still not perfect I've got a long way to go But I know who I can turn to As my faith continues to grow My sins have been forgiven Like his words said he would do I call on him to be with me always His nail scarred hands lead me through I hope you have had the same experience And have reached out to him above If not he is waiting patiently For you to ask for his love Just think about it for a moment Are you where you need to be Have you called out to Jesus And asked him to set you free Though they killed him he is still living And he promised to return someday To take his flock home with him In Heaven forever to stay ©Jack Young June 4, 2010 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail share

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Margi Harrell

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