Flowers have such a beauty, And scent we cannot compare, But have you ever wondered, How many things we share. The Queen of all the flowers, Wherever there are shows, 'Tis almost certainly to be, An almost perfect rose. Has one ever stopped, Or taken just a pause, And compared the simple rose bush, To those who one adores. A rose must be nurtured, Trimmed and carefully tended, Before one can ever see, The beauty being presented. And so it is with humans, Whatever race they be, Without nurturing, love and attention, 'Twill be only ugliness we see. Just like a growing rose bush, Those that our love holds, Must be nurtured trimmed and tended, So we help them reach their goals. They must be nurtured with great care, To give then a head start, Always love and tend to them, Not superficially ; but from the heart. And if ever the time should come, when through some unseen whim, They show that they are wavering, Then help their pain to trim. And finally when the flower begins to bloom, Remember 'tis not the colour that we share, But the perfect flower, Made better with your care. The colour of the flower, It really matters not, So should be with fellow man, Be they black or white or what. So live your life to fullest, And make it just the norm, To be more like the perfect flower, Than the prickly dangerous thorn. Remember that the mighty rose, Blooms once in any year, But man can bloom forever, With just that extra care. ©Eddie aka Dark Blue Knight May 1999 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Email Website Please share this page.

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