Herald a new day, for it could be, a day of great blessings, for you and for me. Herald the day, though it may cause unease, harvest each moment, while there are moments to seize. Life is too short, you've heard them say, so enjoy while you can, make the most of each day. Herald a new day, don't try to live fast, savor its beauty, yesterday's past! Herald a new day and try to bless others, deep inside us, we're all sisters and brothers. All of God's children He'll claim one day, by calling our names, and we'll hear Him say: "Herald a new world, where you'll live with Me, enjoying each blessing for eternity" ©Geraldine Petrone 2009 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Dedicated to Kathleen McCoy Eldridge and Jan Hall Morgan

Margi Harrell

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