I went to the shopping mall today. There he was standing in my way, A bearded fat man in a red suit. He seemed to be a jolly old coot. I left and went to another store. He was there when I walked in the door. That same bearded fat man did I see, How did he get there ahead of me? Santa seemed to follow me around, As I made my way through the town. He was every where I had to go, His sleigh really gets around in the snow. Then I went home and locked my doors. Since I just couldn't take it anymore. I burned a log from the old oak tree, So he couldn't come down my chimney. I know time is on my side, you see, After Christmas Eve gone he'll surely be, Not to return here for another year, To again follow me spreading his cheer. ©M. Doris Fuller 2002 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

Kris Kringle March
Christmas Midis

Graphic tubes from: Pixels by Judy