Mistletoe was all aglow when Holly made the day of Evergreen in Christmas sheen defined in true display. Calling out to Ivy in happenstance, by chance, she yelled, 'Your vines are fine and well inclined to engage in Christmas dance!' Mistletoe was full of woe his feelings, had turned blue for Miss Holly eyed the Ivy his greens were all askew. Christmas Rose was well composed waiting for a cue, a kindly gesture from a beau, she thought, a handsome Mistletoe. Swaying in December breeze a beauty on display, Mistletoe sought Christmas Rose smitten by her bouquet. Mistletoe asked Christmas Rose if she would dance with him. ' Of course,' she said, her face blushed red, to dance upon a whim. Poinsettia too, was waiting to dance the night away when Amaryllis in the midst, kept herself at bay. For he is pure and quite demure and I am slightly blue so yes, let's dance the night away and step to our debut. A Christmas show of beauty, all flowers on display, dancing to December's breeze perfumed in light bouquet. ©Annette Nasser December 2007 Editor/Publisher, Celebrated Thoughts (c) 2007-2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail share


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