Who are these terrorists, who can they be? They burned down our buildings, so still we can't see. They are there in the ashes, with those that were slain, believing they'll get, to live life again. They left us in chaos, so many in pain. All of us knowing, we can't let them reign! And so we will fight them on some distant land, but what are we fighting? Do we understand? It's a war against evil, wherever it starts. We have to stop murder, but we have to change hearts. I agree we must war now, but to what degree? If it's ever to end we must change, you and me. Our minds must be focused on what part we play. We can be soldiers, who pray every day. And do what we can, whatever it be, to make the world better, think "peace starts with me" Don't terrorize others with your envy or greed. Be slow to make judgments, and know when to concede. It's truer than ever, that life is too brief, for us to hurt others, or to dwell on our grief. The One who has made us, and dwells up above, will punish the wicked and soothe those who love. I wouldn't trade places if I had my way, with those who hurt others, I would not want to pay... the price! ©Geraldine Petrone November 13, 2001 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail