Deer By The River©


Lord I come into Your lovely Presence, In awe as I view Your Majestic Creation, As the Deer pants for the Living Stream, My heart pants for You Lord, my Salvation. Lord You've made glorious Living Waters, Just to flow mightily nourishing, All the animals and these beautiful Deer, And even plants and trees are flourishing. Lord You created the Majestic Mountains, With the beautiful stream flowing through, As the Deer comes to the stream to drink, My heart thirsts too for more of You. Lord fill me with Your Living Water, Thereby satisfying my thirsty soul, Just to gaze into Your Living Stream, I see Your Beauty my heart will extol. God says, "Come my children, Come and partake of the latter rain, Come to Me, Come to the stream, In Me you'll never thirst again." God created the streams and the rivers, And the winds and the waves obey Him, Through Him the beautiful Deer are fed, I Thank You too Lord for my daily bread. Will you come to God's beautiful stream? We will not fear the stormy seas, We are bound for Canaan's Shore, You created me, the Deer and the trees. ©Bernice Ward October 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Website


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