Aged hands folded in silence Another day spent all alone As memories fill their mind To places once called home. Sadness takes a mighty toll As the years pass slowly by Locked away and so forgotten For the remainder of their life. Only great sorrow dwells here For the elderly, lonely souls As if they possess no worth Once their living in days of old. Hope for many, a forgotten thing Waiting...For one visitor to come, The days quickly turn into years Longing to see, a Daughter or Son. Yet their names quickly forgotten For no one seems to really care As they sit for hours on end, and Millions of miles away they stare. Oh, what they all would give if only They could all return home again To be surrounded by loved ones Before final day comes to an end. For many, the day never comes Waiting; Months turn into years Each night have fallen so many From loneliness, a million tears. A hush fills the nursing home Like so many nights before As a visitor makes his way to one Knocking softly on a woman's door. Lifting her head, quietly waiting Going toward her, he walks inside His gentle voice beckons to her With arms for him opening wide. Longing so many years to see him In prayers, calling to him each night And now he's standing before her Embraced within such loving light. The life from her leaves so silent Toward heaven, to beckoning call As she stands before her creator Rejoicing amidst, she bows in awe. Aged hands are folded in silence As so many come to say goodbye And flowers surround by hundreds Yet neither received while alive. Her eyes now closed to this world In the presence of God she dwells Her emptiness now so forgotten For now in loving embrace she's held. ©Kathy Loun Stilley Used With Exclusive Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail