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I have a Lord and Savior, I met Him just today. He's always been there calling, But I never turned His way. My Savior's name is Jesus, He gave His life for me. He was crucified for all my sin, Crucified at Calvary. The King of Kings is now my Lord, Through Him I'll receive my final reward. He's my big brother and my best friend, And of His love I'm born again. He came to earth and taught of love, And how to please our God above. He came to die for you and me, He gave His life at Calvary. He only taught the word of God, And how to avoid that terrible rod. But He was accused of blasphemy, They would not accept what He claimed to be. He had no crime that I could see, Had only love for you and me. But they still nailed Him to that tree, And took His life at Calvary. Now on that cross He hung in pain, But by His blood we all did gain. He came to die and wash our sin, They took His life but He rose again. Even though He'd been betrayed, Alive and well He could have stayed. But He chose to die for you and me, He set us free at Calvary. Do not let His effort die, Eternal life will pass you by. If you do not turn His way, As He calls your name today. He's the King of Kings and He will say, If you'll have life come judgment day. He gave His life upon that tree, He waits for you at Calvary. Thank You Lord! ©Chick Velasco Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail share

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How Great Thou Art

Art © Rebecca Emily CooperSapphire Designs 2014