My kids are great if you ask me Though they have their moments I confess They are perfect in every way Except with how they dress Take my son for instance Style is not a thing for him Clothes don't have to fit right Just meet around his rim My son forgot to measure himself When he bought his new pants They're big enough for all of us The dogs, cats, and ants But he's cool, just ask him That's the way they should be Baggy pants and shirts They both meet at the knee I offered to let him wear A pair of his dad's blue jeans They ought to be baggy enough I'm sure that's what it means He set me straight and told me how it is Said you have to buy them just that way. Don't know if I'll ever like them But they seem to make his day No he's not perfect And he does have his flaws But baggy pants is better Than learning to break the laws I just hope he grows out of them Or grows to fill their size Surely by the time he is thirty Baggy pants won't seem too wise But baggy clothes and all He's one great son to me Because doing what is right Is his goal and destiny He said "I love you Mom" Even though my pants are big And when the style changes I'll dance another jig ©Charles W. Hill 1999 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail