America, my country, tell me, are you asleep? America, my country, I'll tell you why I weep. Our very God created you to be above the rest. Judeo-Christian values have made you stand the test. Freedom now is license, true liberty has died. We now find greed abounding, where justice should abide. A nation of immigrants? Some not of our choosing! They infiltrate our country, so even more we are losing. America, my country, we 're descendants of slaves, and children of immigrants to whom nobody 'gave.' They worked in the sweat shops, the fields and the mines, they worked till they suffered from weakened, bent spines. America, my country, they loved you the most, America, my country, they loved to boast, of your generous heart , and your kindness to many. We must honor our patriots, before there aren't any. America, my country, what does 'liberal' mean? Not something good, from what we have seen! A baby is killed at nearly it's moment of birth. In a botched abortion, it's life has no worth. America, my country, what have we become? Have so many died for the welfare of some? America, my country, we must unite! And not give you up, without even a fight. Your ways were right, your ways were good. God help us achieve true brotherhood. Bring back the quotas, put up a wall, lest all of democracy takes a permanent fall! America, my country, we 'll be prouder someday, America, my country, when we find the way. © Geraldine Petrone 2010 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Share

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