It's that time of year again, That we all gather together, Our friends and our families, In all kinds of weather. Stop and think for a moment, About things now unseen, But give thanks today, For what Christmas does mean. Our houses are decorated, We wonder what we'll receive, Our stockings are hung, Before Christmas Eve. We exchange presents, Hugs, greetings and love, And some might recall, To thank God above. For Christmas is here, So don't forget the great reason, That the birth of our Saviour, Is the cause of the season. If you don't believe, Then we guess, so be it, But please we do ask you, Don't force us to quit. For we do rejoice, At this great event, And all of the love, That our God had then sent. Give thanks to our Father, For He did show His care, By sending His Son, So thank Him in prayer. So whatever you do, Choose to run, laugh or pray, Let us celebrate Christmas, In our own chosen way. ©Eddie aka Dark Blue Knight December 6, 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Email Website