It hasn't been an easy time, I'm feeling a little blue... Now I need to be alone awhile, to sit and think things through. My mind is like my attic where everything is kept... And it's become a jumbled heap, in need of being swept. Some thoughts of us are stacked up here, and more piled over there... Still other bits and pieces are just scattered everywhere. Some still "new" and in fair shape, some are rather "dusty"... Some still "fit", some "outgrown" and some entirely "musty". I need to straighten it all up and clean the cobwebs out... I need to find what's really here and what's it's all about. It hasn't been an easy time, sorting "me and you"... Excuse me please, I have to go...there's still much work to do! ©Whisper Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website