All my shopping's finished All my money's spent If I wrap these gifts up quick I just might get them sent Ribbons, bows & papers Thrown most every where And there he sat, my young Son In the midst somewhere I didn't have time to stop There was too much yet to do Till he handed me a paper "Look what I made for you" I looked at him and had to stop His smile had so much charm Besides I had no choice of it He was tugging at my arm So I took his piece of paper Wondering what it could be There, made of scraps of Christmas wrap Was a pretty Christmas Tree I stopped right then & picked him up And I didn't hesitate I need to hug my Son right now The gift wrapping can wait! ©Carol Gough Lust December 1, 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail





Jingle Bell Boogie
Margi Harrell


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