Lost Lagoon Bridge
Bridge at Lost Lagoon by Geoff Anderson

I travel down this lonesome road; I know not where I go Blessed I was in youth, I thought, but now I know not so The burned bridges smolder yet if over my shoulder I gaze Memories of missteps made are clouded in the smoky haze Wisdom should be given when first we see the light of day So wasted on age, so needed when traveling the rugged way What I know now would have bloomed, joy to my life so bring But in age's garden, wisdom flourishes in winter never in the spring Written for Roger who is tending his winter garden. ©Roger Eugene Corell February 17, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail <')))))))>< Strive always to walk in the shoes of the Great Fisherman

Almost Paradise
Gary's Midi Paradise The Bridge at Lost Lagoon is Copyright © / 1973 Geoff Anderson Painting of Stanley Park, Vancouver. Copyright © Geoff Anderson / 2003 All rights reserved.