Here I am a wondering
what will I do today
Being retired ain't easy
And it's not a life of play

Had my daily coffee
spanned my old PC
Watched a couple TV shows
What else is there for me

Already did the dishes
My wash is dried and hung
The songs that I remember
Heck - they've all been sung

Could get in the auto
take a spin somewhere
All my friends are working
I've no one left to share

Retirement - what's so special
waited a lifetime for this
Sitting around doing nothing
Playing with a satalite dish

Just don't pay to retire
a lonely life - just no fun
Tried to have me a party
Impossible - a party for "one"

Gotta get me back to work
Back to the good old days
Back to a hefty schedule
Those "non-retirement" ways

Just don't like the lonely life
Wondering - what do I do today
Set the alarm for a day that's filled
with purpose and action - My Way

©Mr. Doug
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author


Bile 'em Cabbage Down
Sequenced by Janice Wilson
Creative Corners