I have a job, I drive a truck, I count on God and not on luck. I'm on the road most every day, And ask the Lord to light my way. My job's not easy but it's not bad, I like it more than most I've had. It doesn't matter what work you do, If you'll take God along with you. A lot of folks out on the road, Don't understand about my load. That rig is heavy all the time, I cannot stop upon a dime. I guess people think it's light, Cause they dart out and make things tight. Then I must fight against the load, Not hit them and hold the road. They do not know how close they are, To meeting death inside their car. I stay alert and try to see, What they will do in front of me. But there are times when they surprise, If I'm not ready.............someone dies. It would be hard to live my life, If I killed them or their kids and wife. I can't take chances using luck, I have to know who guides my truck. So when you walk or drive or fly, Before you go, please do as I. Before I drive my big 'ol truck, I pray to God, not count on luck. Trusting God works better than luck, It's Jesus Christ who guides my truck. Thank You Lord. ©Chick Velasco Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

How Far Is Heaven
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield

Special Thanks to Bev at Moon & Back Graphics & Photography