Yesterday or was it yesteryear, Loved to live and had no fear,
As kids we'd play till dark, Or until the streetlights came on,
We followed the rules, Never talk to strangers,
Don't take any candy; Stay away from dark alleys.

The playgrounds were a place where you could play,
Hide and seek, tag, the slides and the swings,
If a kid disappeared it was because he ran away,
Mom stayed home and food and drink was always there.

Dad went to work before you got up, breakfast was ready,
The family all sat at the table to eat supper,
Weekends at the beach was always a picnic,
You did what you were told or else&&.

Candy was a nickel and a whole hand full,
Pop tasted like soda pop, and popcorn was always buttered,
Three movies for a quarter Saturday Matinee,
The bus was a dime and you could ride it all day.

You didn't need designer clothes or Adidas sneakers,
Everybody took Gym class and participated,
You never passed up a game of stickball,
Chewing gum had a habit of ending up on your nose,

A dunce hat sat on the desk beside the teacher,
You didn't change classrooms, the teachers did.
School buses were what was used in the country,
Your feet got you to school in the city,

You could go to a ball game with 10 dollars,
Still had change left when you went home,
There was no beer at the stadium unless
Someone brought it along.

Hockey was an interesting game and not a fight,
Baseball players played because they liked it,
And not for a big contract and special perks.
Life was hectic but not too stressful.

A weekend outing didn't cost a whole weeks pay,
Hotels didn't need reservations or credit cards,
A policeman was someone you trusted,
A ride on the fire truck was a dream fulfilled.

You could sell chocolate bars door to door,
And everyone bought one to support your school,
Most everyone who had the room
Had a vegetable garden and some sort of flower bed.

You knew all the neighbours for at least 10 houses
All around you and everyone talked or gossiped some,
There was no such thing as a stranger on the block,
Everyone knew everyone else's kids and addresses.

Someone that didn't belong in the neighbourhood
Was instantly recognised and watched.
Neighbourhood watch wasn't needed then,
The ice cream stand was for ice cream not hamburgers,

The burgers were greasy and loaded with the works,
The fries hot and made on site from fresh potatoes.
The music had words that you could understand,
It had harmony and rhythm not just noise.

There is so much more but I can't cover it all
But most of you will remember some of this,
Oh how times have changed as the world spins,
But you can still go back inside yourself and enjoy.

©Wolfgang Hummel
July 22, 2003
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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"How Time Slips Away"
Midi Picking by Harry Todd
Sequenced by Harry Todd
Used with Permission