When I dream I dream of thinness slim and svelte
Of taking back and making new notches in my belt
I dream of bending over and tying laces on my shoes
Then I stop and count all those pounds I need to lose

Now what would be the secret of having good success?
I think it could be belief in myself I really do confess
If only someone could pound it deeply into my thick head
Had I but started a year ago I'd be fifty pounds in the red!

So another year has started its January, two thousand eight
For just one day this week I'll write down everything I ate
A few brisk walks will fit into these healthily plans I've laid
If can just multiply this by fifty-two I think I've got it made

Another year has started and many are still searching for that magic cure for what ever ails us. In my case it's weight problems and bad attitude. Well to be honest there is many more really but these are all I care to admit to. Maybe next year I will work on total honesty. This is for all my dear friends who struggle with one thing or the other. Can we by some miracle ever believe that the magic lies within us?

©Roger Eugene Corell January 13, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail <')))))))>< Strive always to walk in the shoes of the Great Fisherman

    Baby Elephant Walk
Sequenced by Don Carroll
Jack's Midi Music