Soft warm kisses, Passions of every hue... The candle of my memory burns brightly with these thoughts of you. Your gentle strength beside me, That twinkle in your eye... How your skin reflects the colors Raining from the sky. The sweetness in your voice flowing softly through my soul... The rapture of our closeness that makes our being whole. Your golden face of summer, The kindness in your touch... The way you look at me that has come to mean so much. Quietly spoken promises, Hours all too few... Laughter in the sunlight, Rainbows in the dew. The circle of your arms, The glow of firelight... The scent of candle wax, You holding me all night... Moonlight shadows dancing To a love that always new... The candle of my memory Lights these thoughts of you... ©Whisper Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website It Had To Be You
Sequenced by Mel Webb
Smick & Smodoo's World Royalty Free Photo courtesy of: StockStash