Ah, 'tis Spring! Oh, happy day!
Winter's cold is gone away!

The sky is blue! The grass is green,
And the flowers are the prettiest,
I've ever seen!

Their assorted hues of lavender yellow, and red,
Adorn many a beautiful flower bed! 

Also, wild flowers appearing here and there, 
Sway in the warmer Springtime air! 

Farmers plowing and sowing their fields,
Are hoping for greater annual yields!

Ah, soon there will be vast fields of green,
Planted with hay, corn, and soybeans!

'Tis Spring when a mother rabbit goes on a quest,
To find for her "younguns" a suitable nest!

Observant robins recognize the sound,
Of earthworms moving under the ground!

They then hop by to take a peak,
And quickly grasp them with their beak!

Friend, our God has decorated the land,
With beauties from His artistic hand!

Across the very face of Earth,
His creation is speaking of new birth!

Here and there are trees with majestic blooms!
There are weddings with happy brides and grooms!

Friend, when these happenings appear,
My heart just sings for Spring is here!

©Robert F. Dotson
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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