Send down an angel from up above, I need the cooing of a dove, I'm hurting and I need God's love, I know it will fit me like a glove. Send down an angel I am in need, Please do come and plant a seed, Help me get control of my greed, I need your love, yes indeed. Send down an angel, help my plight, I am so afraid I will take flight, I know what I'm doing isn't right, I have to ask for your sweet light. Send down an angel, I'm in a depression, Help me, with my life's expression, I feel so much dislike and aggression, Please Lord, I beg listen to my confession. Send down an angel, help me initiate, I want my life to you to dedicate, Take me please Lord and deliberate, On your love I want to concentrate. Send down an angel, even in disguise, I have led a life that is most unwise, I seek your help, this to revise, I know that Jesus was the prize. Send down an angel, I need a chance, To help with my soul to advance, I don't need tricks, magic or a play, I know for all things I must pay. Send down an angel from up yonder, I need more help my life to ponder, I want to get, Lord with you much fonder, I know that in my life you will work a wonder. Send down an angel my sweet Lord, I want to learn more of your word, I want to leave the maddening horde, Please, welcome me aboard. Send down an angel, I have expressed, With your life's book I am impressed, All my life I have really messed, Please Lord; help me make my life blessed. Send down an angel right away, Although I was alright yesterday, I go to church every Sunday, But I really need your help I pray. Send down an angel that I can keep, My troubles they do run deep, I am so sad that I can weep, Oh Lord; help me your love to reap. Send down an angel to take the helm, I need to stand as strong as an elm, The troubles of life they overwhelm, I want to leave and dwell in your realm. Send down an angel from above, My life it feels like a glove, I hear the cooing of a dove, Thank you Lord, I've received your love. ©Wolfgang Hummel April 2, 2001 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

    Angels We Have Heard On High
Laura's Midi Heaven

Top Courtesy of Edward Caution