Gazing out a window Upon a leaden sky Brings to mind the times I miss and happiness gone by. Waiting by the window For what I am not sure Behind a lacy curtain for a knock upon my door. Memories are the visitors That wish to enter in Do I welcome them, or not The tears will then begin. I know there will be more than that My heart will break with pain With yearning and a fervent wish To be loving you again. Arms, you'd wrap around me In my reverie bitter sweet So strong but gentle was your touch If only I could greet You standing there again for me A smile upon your face Perhaps you will, I can but hope In time - another place? Gazing out the window Upon a leaden sky Suddenly a sunbeam Pushes through as if to pry. Impudently dancing upon my window pane It beckons to me "Come outside Before it starts to rain" My heart feels so much lighter My pain is going to sleep These memories passed and fading Still - they are mine to keep. The leaden sky is blue now The sunshine, it has won The warm and nurturing light It's magic it has spun. I smile a little smile now My love is here with me His face and eyes alight with joy In a happy memory. ©Anne N. Byam 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

When Did You Stop Loving Me?
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