I reflect upon the tears that I've shed, Upon the heartaches and fears I've had. I reflect upon the mistakes I now rue, Upon the friends who have proved untrue. My feelings are hurt; I feel so sorry for me. No one understands-How can this be! The answer comes quietly and simply then. My heart listens and begins to comprehend. "How can compassion be expressed by you If your heart hasn't been broken too? If you've never had fears and tasted tears yourself How can you feel another's pain and offer help?" Then I reflect upon God's drying my tears, Soothing my heartaches, stilling my fears, Correcting my mistakes, straightening my bends. He is my dearest Friend-the Friend of friends! I reflect upon loving arms encompassing me, Understanding, caring, setting me free. I must reflect upon the responsibility in my hands To show others that God cares and understands; That "tribulation worketh patience." 'Tis so, "In our patience we possess our souls." Souls that are lost, though the world be gained, Will reflect through Eternity: "If only I could exchange!" ©Delores Adams Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Mail