Image by Dark Blue Knight

I believe love flows to another,
And it grows till the other knows,
Like a sweet aroma whispering,
Will overwhelm as the red rose.

And I know love has its sweetest glow,
Anticipating that promise,
That excitement feeling I love you,
And everlastingly that kiss.

Yes I feel love longs to be expressed,
In two hearts that believe in love,
That it was bestowed especially,
A gift by the Father Above.

A promise of hope conveys bouquets,
To nourish hearts with love to those,
Whose heart's desire is to be one,
Giving forth scents as the red rose.

When a heart pleasures in a tremble,
Expectancies rise to behold,
That sweet symbol of love's betrothal,
As cherished words of old are told.

I believe a love ever flowers,
Unfolding nevermore to close,
For it blossoms in maturity,
So like the beautiful red rose.

©Sondra McPherson
November 3, 2006
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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