It was nearing the Christmas season... we began... the aromas to smell
All us kids knew it was Mama... starting Christmas goodies; we could tell.
My sis had to stir the pie filling. I got to scrape the coconut in a bowl
While outside our little cabin ... the wind and snow was very cold.

Shelling pecans and breaking black walnuts... was a chore we loved to do.
Mama and grandma... both in the kitchen... were hustling up other goodies too.
Cooking mincemeat, from apple, raisins& many spices to cast the spell.
Our mouths are, watering... as though we were drinking from the well.

Dad was out in the old hayloft... gifts to fold... hide and put away
Until it was Christmas Eve and Old Santa just happened to come our way.
Brothers bringing in wood for the old kitchen stove& the turkey inside to bake.
Grandma& making the dressing& Mama was stirring up another cake.

There was excitement in the air of all our lives... things... different then.
We each wrote our wish list long before and to Santa... we would send.
The twelve days of Christmas... so exciting... each one mama would explain.
Snow just kept on softly settling upon the rooftop... 'bout hard as rain.

There were stockings hanging from the mantel& each holding a child's name&
Anticipation in each of our hearts& 'awaiting the coming daylight the same&
Each moment of wonder was so exciting& it was truly a day to behold.
We could hardly wait to look over our gifts& then run out into the snows' cold.

We would all sit around the kitchen table... the old stove burning bright...
Excitement in the air... we could hardly wait for Santa to come tonight...
We'd eat and clear the table... put the lights on... on the Christmas tree...
One day... if you miss me... go back to my old home place... That's where I'll be.

© Pearlie Duncan Walker
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author