I looked forward to Christmas, the day of Christ's birth, When love became flesh, as Gods' gift to this earth. I longed to hear carols that children would sing, And to see re-enacted the birth of a King. But at school songs of Santa were what they preferred, And not even one carol was allowed to be heard. The shops in the mall had their busiest days, But no "Merry Christmas" signs filled their displays. Though I saw lots of candles, and smelled some incense, When I said "Merry Christmas" it was called an offense. The A.C.L.U. is determined to take The "Christ" out of "Christmas" - it is now "Winter Break." No manger scenes decorate any town square. But Santas and reindeer are found everywhere. How I long to go back to the old fashioned days, When the Jesus of Christmas was given our praise. But God still has a remnant who worship His Name, And His love for all men is forever the same. We need to share Jesus and what we believe, So a lost, dying world can salvation receive. ©Betty Jo Mings Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

Away In A Manger
Sequenced by Harry Todd
Midi Picking by Harry Todd

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