Artwork of Sandra Kuck

My Toddler

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Out in the garden my toddler potters Filthy hands and nose dripping with snotters Stones in his mouth he is happy to chew As his nappy fills up with piddle and poo Plays with the cat then pulling it's tail After it scratches he then starts to wail Give him a biscuit he'll start to calm down Then in no time at all he's running around He's picking the flowers and eating the grass Swings on the washing as he runs past He makes such a noise that could waken the dead But quietens down before going to bed Laid in his cot he drifts off to sleep So silent so calm, not a sound, not a peep. ©Catherine Turner-Joll 2001 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail Share With A Friend


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 Artwork of  Sandra Kuck

Billy Boy
Sequenced by Margi Harrell

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