Mother Nature ~ A Sonnet Fair lady, your youth I do behold while April showers fill the pristine air and Cupid's bow aims skyward among colors bold greeting blooms of May in tempestuous flair. Fields of flowers dance as wispy grasses sway in greens, pinks, blues, 'round every valley turned merrily, petals meet the beauty of each day and June begins to peak as summer's visage burns. Trees and leaves of every kind bow down in solitude touching sweet virgin's tears as tumultuous winds doth blow calling out to Autumn's fire, she sovereignly salutes God's patchwork quilt woven in September's golden glow... ...and dreaded thoughts of Winter's chill frigidly unwinds the hand of mother nature's reasoning with seasons of all time. ©Annette Nasser 2008 Editor, Celebrated Thoughts 2007-2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

America's true reflection is combined with nature's beauty. True comfort, security and solace can be found right in America's backyard, one need only to come in contact with all of the senses, through our hearts, where we can connect in a more spiritual and divine way of life.

©Annette Nasser

    Midi ~ April Rain
   Used With Permission
©Copyright 2007 Bruce DeBoer
Music Of The Heart

Photograph from Stock Xchange
Photographer CraigPJ used with written permission.