I wonder why the sun is bright, And I wonder where it goes at night. I wonder why trees are tall, and why new babies are so small..... I wonder how birds can fly, And why do onions make you cry? I wonder why the sky is blue, and Mommy, do I look like you? I wonder if I'll grow up soon, And why must I clean my room? I wonder how God makes a cloud, And why is thunder very loud? Why does grass smell so good, Was there really a "Robin Hood"? When it's cold, what makes the ice? Why are Mommies afraid of mice? Does God hear me when I pray? How many minutes are in a day? How come Grandpa has no hair? Mommy, are we nearly there? Is the tooth fairy a boy or a girl? How does Santa fly around the world? Why do stars twinkle and shine? How does a clock know the time? A child's favorite words..... "I wonder" and "Why" You hear them so often, you just want to cry! Learn to treasure each question, for time will soon fly by..... Too soon the child is gone that used to ask "Why" ©Carrie Robison October 13, 2003 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

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