She was always there when we needed her No matter the time of the day She had the world's sweetest smile and hug To make our tears go away She tucked us in a nice warm bed And kissed us all good night And all of us knew she loved us And prayed we would be alright She cooked us meals fit for a king Three good square meals a day Good country cooking at it's best For that was just Mother's way She made us wash behind our ears And made sure our clothes were clean I don't recall one single time When she ever did anything mean When we acted up as all kids do She kept a hickory switch near And it hurt her more than it did us She would always shed a tear When we would sometimes fuss and fight She would make us hug and kiss one another And a spanking was better to receive Than having to kiss your sister or brother So many fond memories I still have Of that sweet, dear Mother of mine But I know she is there with Jesus now And everything with her is fine We look forward to seeing her again Sometimes in the by and by We will be with our sweet Mother then And we will never again say goodbye Mother I know you knew that we loved you And we now how much we were blessed When God chose you to be our Mother He chose the very best Jack,Maye,Faye,Joan,Jane,Jerry,Ann,Dave and Ruthie (Hug Daddy and Sis and Bob for us) We know they are up there with you. ©Jack Young May 6, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

Artwork: Young Mother
By Annie Louise Swynnerton