I remember Christmas Back in days when I was small There wasn't lots of money But still, we had it all One year when I was very young Maybe nine or ten When I think of Christmas I think of that year then That was the year my Mother Made a special gift for me It was wrapped so beautiful Sitting underneath our tree The package said "from Santa" But even then I knew I wasn't fooled, not one bit Mom, I knew it was from you You see, I had a Barbie doll A gift the year before But with no money to buy her clothes I played with her no more When I unwrapped that package Laying there for me to see Were little tiny Barbie clothes A wardrobe fantasy There were blouses, skirts & sweaters Slacks and jackets too A little stole made of real fur And an evening gown of blue Mom had made those clothes at night After we had gone to bed She didn't go to sleep herself, She'd sewn those clothes instead I recognized the fabrics You see, that's how I knew Each was made from our old clothes But on Barbie looked brand new She'd sewn each one, each tiny stitch I can't imagine how I do know they were made with love And that still warms my heart now Although I'd outgrown dolls and such I never told my Mother Instead I just played with that gift Like I never did another I don't know if my Mother knows What that gift meant to me And how it turned that Christmas Into my fondest memory © Carol Gough Lust November 25, 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail