Gulls and shells and sand in your shoes,
Remind me of days at the beach.
With footprints in sand and the smell of salt air
And sunsets you almost can reach. 

Remembering days, of our holding hands
While walking along, side-by-side,
And waves that come forth, to lap at our feet
Our footprints they're trying to hide 

There are many things to do at the beach
There's surfing and volleyball too
But favored above all the things that I see
Is the swimsuit that's wrapped around you. 

Some mem'ries are doomed to be washed out to sea
While smells of salt air cleans the mind
But the vision you made in the string bikini
Is a memory that's one of a kind. 

©James O'Brien
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

Restriction Free Photo
Thomas Hohenhausİ