I hope you are having the best
Birthday ever!

Now that you are with Daddy, Charles and the Rest of your family,
It must be wonderful!!

Please don't be upset with me for
Feeling so sad. I understand that you are with God,
In the greatest place.
It is just so hard without You here!
I keep hoping when I go to bed at night,
That when I wake up it won't hurt as much.
Mom You were constantly there for me, please
Help me again. I pray to You same as I pray to God.
I don't suppose I should do that, although to me
You are a Saint! The life you lived, the examples
You set, the pain and suffering that
You endured.
To me You are my example of a true
Saint and Angel.
So Mom help me out once again!

Help me to be happy with all the blessings I do
Have, instead of dwelling on
Who and what I don't
I love You Mom, Happy Birthday!

Please tell Daddy, Charles
and everyone else that I love and miss them also.

Loving and Missing You,

©Mary Anne Eiden
March 2,2008
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author
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