I see little miracles each and every day In the sun as it comes up, in the children's play. In the early morning bird song As fluffy clouds roll by, In the music of the cooling breeze, In the blue of the sky. The miracle of an opening flower Full of early morning dew, And in the turning maple tree With its lovely golden hue. Greening grass in early spring, A lone whippoorwill's call. The laughter of a little child, As he watches a red leaf fall. The silent noise of gentle snow In the first storm of the year. Seeing the world in a sheet of white, And the hoof prints of a deer. All these miracles near and far Are for us here on Earth. In the miracles we see everyday None compare to Jesus' birth. Because He came and saved us all These miracles He gave us free. To all who have a little faith, Who have the eyes to see. So each time I see a little miracle My eyes turn up above. Not to the miracle of a sky so blue, But to Jesus, who gave me love. ©Jane Ellen Slone September 28, 1977 Revised September 21, 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail


Yet I Will Praise You
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