Life roads lead us to many a place Where we make life decisions Of people we will embrace And relationships that bring joy or derision. There are back roads where we go back To places and people who have blessed our life. Sometimes back roads take us To feelings that brought us joy and happiness free from strife. There are side roads open to us That offer opportunities to enrich our life and thus Grow from the experiences we had Making our life full and our hearts glad. There are roads that lead to despair And I wouldn't want to go there For my Heavenly Father is leading me To roads that lead to hope and joy for eternity. There is just one road I want to travel on. It is the straight and narrow one That leads to my heavenly home And upon that road I have begun. Many roads of life are open for us to choose. Some lead to life everlasting And others lead to life for us to lose. I choose the one leading to life eternal and it is mine for the asking. ©Jane Ward Smith March 16, 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail




Cross Over The River
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