A Helping Hand A reaching hand An open heart Is all it takes To make a start. A start to heal To dry some tears To shed some light over darkened years. Fingers unfurled Reaching towards Arms outstretched Healing heart sores. An open ear A shoulder so strong A head laid down A feeling of calm. A reaching hand Fingers unfurled Open ears - shoulders made wet with tears. These are the things needed to make a start, To change a life To heal a heart. A Willing Hand A working hand A willing heart Brings us step beyond the start. To plant a seed To push a plow To feed hungry mouths Not later but now. To lift an axe To build a home To hammer a nail A soul no longer forced to roam. A head held high A contented sigh A smiling face A happy, peaceful place. These things made true - a fact - no longer dreams, Wishes come true upon the wings.....of..... A reaching hand An open heart The end result to the start. ©Val Ekholm September 2000 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail








If I Forget You
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