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Grandson© - Judy Knight

It's been fifteen years Since you were born but Seems like only yesterday We must have done something right "God" sent us His best gift A wonderful grandson to love. I thank "God" for Blessing us with A gift so special loved by all You were our first grandchild and I thank "God" for the times we Have spent together, the love and Laughter you have given us We are so proud you are our grandson You mean so much to us Remember that without "God" There would not be a you I pray you will always put "God" First in everything you do. I wish you happiness in the Years ahead with love for "God" family and friends You have grown into a young man That we are proud of And we love you! Dedicated To "My Grandson Steven" ©Judy Knight February 28,2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Share with a friend. divider backnext
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