Created in the heart of every man Is a capacity for God's Love and Grace; And no matter how fully he tries to live, Without God, his life is empty, void, base. Some rely on riches or on worldly fame, Others try good deeds and morality; But nothing can fill the heart's longing Except God and His reality. Why men fail to see this marvelous truth Is a trick of Satan to deceive. The heart will not accept a substitute; Without God's Love, true joy cannot be achieved. Many hearts will remain unsettled, Seeking fulfillment, trying every other course, Only to find at the end of a frustrated life That they have overlooked the only Source. ©Delores Adams September 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Mail Share

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Fragments Of My Heart
Used With Permission
©Copyright 2007 Bruce DeBoer
Music Of The Heart